Month: May 2014

Psalm Devotional

For several years, I’ve been writing short devotionals based on the book of Psalms. I’m not a theologian or bible scholar, I’m a common, everyday woman who reads her Bible and tries to understand what I read and live by it. I don’t attempt to explain or interpret the psalms. These are short writings based on personal experiences tied together with a verse from one of the psalms. At some point, I will be collecting these into a book. I’ve been promising some of you I would post a devotional now and then so here is my first one for you.

 Psalm 12

“The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” Psalm 12:6

             As a child, I often heard adults tell children they would wash their mouths out with soap if they said a “bad” word or sassed their parents. Remember the little boy in the movie, The Christmas Story? His mother put a bar of soap in his mouth because he said a bad word while helping his dad. Today, that might be considered abuse but I bet any child who ever had a bar of soap in his mouth watched his words from then on.

            The world is full of words. Billboards, radio, television, computers, cell phones all operate with words. We can read them, speak them, text them, or hear them. Words follow us everywhere. Not all of the words we come in contact with or speak are good. If someone were standing nearby with a bar of soap, we might watch the words we speak and not be so quick to criticize others, or speak harshly to someone. It’s more than just saying a bad word. Our words can hurt and destroy. What we speak can have a lasting effect on others.

            Verse six says that the words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace. How would it change our speech if our own vocabulary was tried in a furnace? We have this opportunity by asking God to purify our speech so that the words we speak don’t harm or destroy, but instead give life. The same life that God speaks into us.

Prayer for the Day: Lord, guard my lips so I may speak only words that glorify you.