Alligator Creek

If you enjoy historical fiction, let me introduce you to Alligator Creek and its author, Lottie Guttry.

Lottie, tell us a little about yourself.Lottie

I grew up in Kilgore, Texas, and received a doctorate degree from Texas A&M University at Commerce. I taught at Kilgore College and UT Tyler and owned Sylvan Learning Center in Longview. I am the author of the historical novel, Alligator Creek and the musical, Boom. I live in Longview with my husband, Dr. John S. Guttry,

How did you get started writing?

I started as a playwright, writing skits, plays for children, and the musical Boom. After retiring from Sylvan Learning Center, I took several creative writing courses at Southern Methodist University. Alligator Creek is my first completed novel.Alligator Creek

Lottie, what kind of books do you write and why?

I enjoy writing about the past, researching history and customs. I was especially drawn to a family story about my civil war ancestors, Sarah and Alexander Browning, I began by researching family history and Civil War History.

Tell us about your book.

Sarah and Alexander Browning lived in Lake City, Florida during the Civil War. When Alex failed to come home from the war, Sarah took a wagon train for Texas after swimming across a swollen stream with each of her five children. I thought about this story for several years, especially Sarah’s inspiring strength and bravery. In 2004, I finally sat down at my computer and began to expand the story into the historical novel, Alligator Creek.

Where do you get your ideas?

The family story gave me the framework of the story. The characters grew in my mind as I wrote. The story needed to be expanded and detailed to make the characters and the time period come to life. Through research I immersed myself in the period, so I could create dialogue and descriptions for people who lived without technology, without electricity, and without automobiles. My most interesting research finds were online scanned documents of Alexander Browning’s handwritten letters.

Lottie, tell us where can readers can purchase your book?

Alligator Creek is available at Amazon and also my website, Locally, in East Texas, Alligator Creek can be purchased in Longview at  Pen and Company, Louis Morgan Drugs, and Barrons; in Kilgore at J & Co.; and in Lake City Florida at the Columbia County Historical Museum, and Treasures of Lake City.

Lottie, thank you for talking with us about Alligator Creek.