Heaven’s Touch in Earthly Tales

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, currently living in East Texas with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and Outside 2 cropped (72)author of inspirational romance. But above all, she treasures her role as child of the King and heir to the throne of God. She’s got a “thing” for Dr. Pepper and absolutely loves hearing from friends and readers.

How did you get started writing?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something. As a child, I never went anywhere without a pencil and notebook. In third grade, I won an essay writing contest…and that was when I knew I wanted to be a writer “forever and always.”

What kind of books do you write and why?

I write inspirational romance. Why? Romance is what I like to read to escape, but I don’t like bodice rippers and graphic sex that makes me blush sitting in my own living room—so inspirational romance works for me. Besides, I think there’s a ministry in it. A lot of people don’t understand how there can be a ministry in romance, but comments from my readers suggest otherwise. I guess it’s one of those things that is best understood by actually reading an inspirational romance book.

Tell us about your newest book.

Spring Raine is the first of four books in the Paradise Pines Series, set in the beautiful town of Cambria, on California’s Central Coast. Miss Angelina love either owns or manages the Lodge. No one seems to know for sure. She maySpring Raine_72 or may not be an angel, but no one’s got any real proof of that either. One thing that is absolutely certain is that no one stays at the Lodge for the required 3-month contract period without being changed—usually both heart and soul.
I will add a note about my latest book, At First Sight. I was excited and honored to hear that it recently won the Clash of the Titles annual Laurel award—which means a lot to me because this a reader-judged contest. Readers are the ultimate judges, are they not? 

Where do you get your ideas?

I have to give all the credit to God, because I’m simply not that imaginative on my own. My ideas usually come to me right out of the blue. Sometimes I actually dream them. Now and then—as in the case of Paradise Pines—I simply fall in love with a location and build lives and stories around it. Once God gives me a starting point, I just go with it—following His lead, of course, otherwise…why bother? 

Where can readers purchase your books?

All of my books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, CBD and publisherAtFirstSight_mjpg direct, through Pelican Book Group.

Delia, thanks so much for sharing your story and your books with us. To learn more about Delia, visit her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog.

Delia will give an ebook of one of her titles to a lucky reader. Just leave a comment below along with your email address to be entered in the giveaway.


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      1. I somehow missed your comment, way up here at the top, Mary…I’m so sorry! Thank you for stopping in and saying hello. I have to admit, I love my covers too. My publisher/cover designer does an amazing job!


  1. Enjoy Delia’s books so much. Great interview ladies. May GOD richly bless you with His SONshine!


  2. Thank you, Zoe, for stopping by! I’m glad you like the Spring Raine title…I do too. 🙂

    About ministry: A man once told me, “You can’t call writing romance a ministry. And you can’t call a romance ‘Christian.’ Christians don’t believe in romance until after marriage, and then…who cares about that stuff?” Isn’t that sad, the inability to see the difference in sex and romance? I would call writing Christian romance a ministry if only to remove the blinders from people like that, but it’s so much more, as well, thank God!

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  3. Thank you, Kristen! Nicola Martinez never fails to turn out beautiful covers. I can only hope and pray the story inside is as beautiful as the cover. 🙂


  4. Loved the interview Delia…always nice to get to know more about my fellow PBG authors!
    Good luck and God’s blessings to you and Vickie!

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    1. Hey, Harry..thank you! Congrats to you on being a finalist! These reader-judged competitions are the ones with the most weight – in my humble opinion. Who do we want most to like our books? Readers, of course!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. We have quite a bit in common. I, too, can’t remember not having a notebook and pencil in hand to write something. And I share your calling to write Christian romance because I want clean and wholesome books with a Godly message. Love you bunches! Hope you have great success with this title.

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    1. Hi, Barbara! Heart’s Haven has been a lot of fun for all four authors…and I hope, for a lot of readers. 🙂 Thank you for stopping in, and for leaving a comment.


  6. Hi Delia,
    Angels and Cambria are both precious me! Love both, and I know I’m going to love going to Paradise Pines! Love and good wishes to you, my friend! xo

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    1. Tanya! What a pleasure to “see” you here! Cambria is very special to my husband and me. Our daughter’s mother-in-law owns a place there, and has been so very sweet to open it up for our use. While we lived close by, we were able to visit far more often than we would have been without her generosity and kindness. I’m pretty sure Heaven will have a touch of Cambria somewhere near my mansion. 🙂 Thank you for coming by, Tanya!


    1. Linda, isn’t it great that Christian romance has come so far in the last few years? I can think of more than a few truly quality Christian writers out there, and I’m so appreciative of their ministry in writing God-honoring Christian romance. Thanks for joining us today!


    1. Tanya! Yay! It’s always a pleasure when you make an appearance. 🙂 Hearing you say, “I loved (fill in any title here)” always makes me stand up tall and proud. Your opinion means the world to me. Big hugs, and a great big thank you for stopping by!


  7. Delia, I enjoyed the interview and love how you use locations as a starting point to build a story. I often do that, too. My trips to England always show up in one form or another in my books. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

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  8. Hey, Delia. How come you didn’t tell us about your graphic designs? You designed beautiful bookmarks for me, and people have raved about the business cards you designed. You do great work.


    1. Ain’t it the truth, Robin! lol It’s the experience, right? Anyone who’s been doing anything their entire life had better be at least passably good at it! Thank you for stopping by!


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