If you enjoy historical fiction or nonfiction,then you need to get acquainted with Lana Higginbotham’s books. She’s not only a good storyteller, but Lana’s a diligent researcher of the history she weaves into her stories. She writes under the pen name, Lana Lynne.Lana Lynne Higginotham Bio Photo

Welcome, Lana, tell us how you got started writing.

I started writing on my mother’s typewriter during a period of childhood illness at the age of ten. My High School Creative writing teacher remains one of my greatest inspirations. I write historical Fiction and non-fiction. I grew up in a family who loves heritage and history. My fascination with both started early.

Lana, you’ve published three novels, but your latest book is nonfiction. Can you share some details with us.

My fourth book is a departure from my normal genre of historical fiction. A reader approached my table at a book signing with an unexpected question, “Would you ever consider doing a nonfiction?” This lovely lady introduced me to her mother. I traveled to Slidell, Louisiana to meet Mary K. Felder. Her true WWII love story captured me from the moment I interviewed her. I longed to meet her late husband.Lifebetweentheletters (1) She shared copies of hundreds of the letters they exchanged during 1945. Our journey of writing their story started and unfolded with many blessings along the way. Mary is now 90 years young and doing well. We do book signings together when we can. Barnes and Noble in Mandeville, Louisiana hosted us for a second time on May 14, 2016. Mary loves meeting our readers and sharing a bit of their story in person. We delight in encouraging aspiring writings of all ages.

Where did you get the ideas for your novels?

My combined love of history and reading stirred the storyteller in me long ago. The “what-ifs” lure my imagination, and I find my characters playing hide and seek within that creative pairing. The theme of faith during adversity remains an integral part of each story.

Where can readers purchase your books?

All of my books are available via Amazon and Barnes nd Noble. My first two historical fiction novels: Home Always Beckons and Trails of Change, as well as the nonfiction: Life Between the Letters, co-written by Mary Felder are also available via Tate Publishing’s website. Sunbeams at Twilight is also available through EBOOKIT.COM.

Thank you, Lana, for sharing your stories with us today.

Lana has graciously offered a copy of her book, Sunbeams at Twilight to one lucky reader of this blog. Just leave a comment below and one name will be chosen for a free copy of the book.SUNBEAMS-Cover (1)



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